About us


Our traditional establishment is your “local”. The Cambridge dictionary describes a local as “a pub near to where a person lives, especially if they often go there to drink”. With only 2 televisions in the dining area, the conversation is Queen. Whether you are in need of a nice meal, a dram of whiskey, a Pimms Cup, or just a quick chat with the locals, Eagan Arms Public house will become your “home away from home”.


It all started 3 years ago when Lee and Tracie moved to Eagan, MN. There are two things Lee loves as much as Tracie and that is football (the European version) and Tacos, which leads us to the bar on the corner of the Lexington Center. Lee and Tracie would spend hours sitting in this bar discussing plans for their next pub over Modelo Especials and European football. Little did they know that in only a short 2.5 years that little bar would become their Dream Pub. The location is exactly where they wanted it, on the corner of Diffley and Lexington across from an outdoor sports complex and only 2.5 miles from Lebanon Hills Park. The space is perfect for the concept of an Isles Pub or Public House as our name states. As Wikipedia states “It is a social drinking establishment and a prominent part of British,[1] Irish,[2] Breton, New Zealand, South African and Australian cultures[3]. In many places, especially in villages, a pub is the focal point of the community. In his 17th-century diary, Samuel Pepys described the pub as "the heart of England".

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Eagan Arms Public House has a great selection of Single Malt Scotches and Irish Whiskeys as well as beers from around the UK. Join us for a dram of whiskey and great conversation. Our food is authentic to the British Isles as many of our ingredients are imported from the UK. Our bangers, bacon, and sausage come from the Hampton, MN award-winning butcher Greg’s Meat Market where most of the blends are made exclusively for Eagan Arms. Our tasty bread is from Mainstreet Bakery in Plymouth, MN, and our coffee is from Peace Coffee in Minneapolis, MN. Ask us about our foods, we love to talk about how many of the items on the menu have a story!


Eagan Arms Public House is an Isles pub celebrating the cultural events that make a pub feel like home. We are on the search for what makes this space feel like a pub – are you a musician that wants to start an Open Jam night, are you a comedian that wants to start an Open Mic Night, are you a singer, that wants to start a Monthly Pub Sing, are you a gamer, that wants to start a monthly “puzzle/game” night – we are open to what YOU want! Give us a call and let’s chat or email Nichole and let's get something on the calendar!

Our Staff

We are committed to providing a safe and stable place of employment to a great list of employees. As we treat all of our employees as Hospitality Professionals we offer health, wellness, and community opportunity options. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions. We welcome the opportunity to talk about the love of our employees and their success!

  • Glass of beer
  • Chicken wings
  • Various whiskey bottles

See you at the Pub,